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Data Transport, is a nonprofit organization working to improve African mobility through data. We provide a concrete response by developing tools and methodologies adapted to the African context to make transit data available.Data transport operates since 2017.

Improve African Mobility Through Data...

We observe a proliferation of transit operators in Africa, particularly in West Africa, whether urban, intercity or transnational. However, there is a serious lack of data and information required for better knowledge and planning of mobility. Transit data are essential to follow and monitor development progress and enable countries to plan mitigation measures that reduce their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Additionally, the data provides an opportunity for citizens to learn about transport routes, the companies that use them and to plan their trips more wisely, which contributes to improved sub-regional cooperation. Following these facts, we have started Data Tranport initiative in 2017 to overcome the lack of transit data in order to improve African mobility.

Data Transport, is a nonprofit organization working to improve African mobility through data. We provide a concrete response by developing tools and methodologies adapted to the African context to make transit data available.
Data transport operates since 2017. Data Transport is officially registered in Cote D'Ivoire as a non-profit organization and currently active in French-speaking West African countries.


What We Do


Data Collection & Mapping

Data collection is an important phase in transit mapping.In order to have quality and accurate data,it is necessary to collect data based on a rigorous methodology and experienced people.
Data Transport has developed a data collection methodology using open source tools with the involvement of the OpenStreetMap communities.Also we proceed to process the data and digitalize them in the OpenStreetmap database.

Open Data Portal

Data Store is an open data portal in the field of transport and mobility in West Africa.
The aim is to make accessible data associated with transport and mobility in Africa.
Several datasets related to transport and mobility are available. Publish, Download data Openly .

Data Store

Transit Data Standardization

The standardization of transit data is a major challenge in order to improve mobility in Africa. We have developed an open source graphical interface software editor called WatriFeed, to facilitate the creation and update of GTFS without handling computer scripts. The software is available online. WatriFeed works well with data imported from the OpenstreetMap database.

WatriFeed GTFS Manager

Data Analysis & Visualization

Data Visualization is for us the first step to go beyond the mapping of transit. We have implemented a visualizer called TransitViz to explore the content of GTFS data. It allows to visualize the transit lines with motion, seek interaction between lines, stops and travel time... The software is opensource and available online


WatriFeed-API | Mobile & Web Application Development

WatriFeed-API provides a Application Programming Interface (API) which allows developers to build their own applications using specific transport data. We also supports enterprises, organisations and institutions in designing and developing web and mobile applications for mobility services.


Training and Capacity Building

We are providing the expertise through our organization's members to provide training and capacity building in the fields of data collection, transit mapping with OpenStreetMap, GTFS standardization, and the development of mobility applications or services.


Our solutions

Many solutions available to boost innovation in transport and mobility.


DATA Store

An open source data portal for free access to data.

WatriFeed GTFS Manager

OpenSource Web Collaborative Soltuion to standardize your transport data in GTFS format.


Web-based application for visualizing transport data that is interoperable with GTFS data ....


A smart application programming interface to embed and manage your transport data in your web and mobile applications.


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March 06, 2023

Three-day workshop on the use of digital technology in transport and the GTFS for mobility stakeholders in Greater Abidjan

In December 2022, a 3-day training on digital applications in transportation and GTFS was organized for the agents of AMUGA and representatives of transport operators (Sotra, STL, Citrans) it was conducted by Data Transport and supported AFD and World Resources Institute through Digital Transport For Africa initiative. This training was an opportunity for transport professionals

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August 26, 2021

Sustainable Mobility Requires a New Policy Approach Today

The world economy is changing rapidly; with an abundance of new opportunities, come new risks and vulnerabilities. As countries around the world undergo a fundamental reconfiguration to adapt, making the right policy decisions has become more challenging than ever.  Transportation and mobility are key components of the well-being of our daily lives and livelihoods and

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March 31, 2021

MobilityData GTFS Validator Version 2 Is Available.

Version 2 of the GTFS static validator edited by Mobility Data is now available. This Validator helps to validate the GTFS static dataset quality. All details about the validator can be found here: https://github.com/MobilityData/gtfs-validator

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